The Walking Dead Season 6 – Who did Negan kill ? And what will be happened in season 7?

Negan bat

After  The Walking Dead Season  6 Finale, the fans worldwide are in tension. This situation will be awaited till October 2016. Here i am trying to guess who’s Negan’s victim. My assumptions, reasons and decisions are in below.

As we watched in last scenes in finale where Negan was  “eenie meenie miney mo” ing to find the unfortunate victim to bash with his badass baseball bat. Who could be ? Daryl ? Abraham? Carl? Who?

Assumptions, reasons and decisions (character-wise):

Rick:  He’s leader and Negan wants rick to work for him. So he goes to the  safe list definitely.

Carl: He’s also in safe. Did you notice Negan told him “boy, you can cry”. So my best bet he will be okay.

Maggie: This pregnant lady is also in my safe list. Negan called her “i could hell out your misery of you”

Glenn: He’s fans’ all time favorite. I don’t think director will take the risk to take out this Asian boy.  Also there’s no point killing him and let Maggie alone in this “dead” world.

Abraham: He’s badass , stubborn. He has bad sense of humor too. He’s also fans’ favorite. He will not be bashed.

Michonne: She’s Rick sweetheart right now. I don’t think she can be taken out at the beginning of the romance. We all know even dead world need romance. So she’s out of danger.

Sasha/Roshita: These lady’s has few risk to be bashed. As we see Roshita become rejected by Abraham and Sasha is about to romance with the same guy. So here is the highly unlikely situation.

Aaron: The whole season he’s not appeared as too important character. But he know much about the dead and good at finding people. If director thinks the sacrifice or escape goat for all, then it’d be Aaron. Although he started one night stand with “emotionally sad” Roshita.

Daryl: He’s alive but badly hurt.  There’s a rumor that Norman Reedus is leaving Walking Dead to start a new show bike travels program on AMC. If the rumors true, then I am very worried about him.

Eugene: Here comes my best assumed victim. Before all Rick’s member captured, they bid the farewell to him. Those meant a lot to guess. Even Eugene handed over the bullet manufacturing recipes to Rick.  So my best guess is Eugene head will be bashed by Negan. 🙁

My guess on The Walking Dead Season 7:

Rick will make a deal with Negan. After the dealing , they all will get back to Alexandria with grieving. Morgan and Carol will meet the group. Rick will try to produce bullet secretly.  Super-hard Rick and his group will plan a stand against Negan. Bloodshed and politics are on the way. But we have to wait till October, 2016 [best guess date]


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