The Walking Dead season 9 episode 9 will be aired on 10th February. It’s clear from the last episode that the Group will be encountering with another new threat after Negan. The new threat is called themselves the Whisperers. They are a really big deal, they are living with the deads. They manipulate the deads for the living. Last Episodes we saw Jesus has been killed and the group is trapped. Who knows what’s gonna happen. Here are my thoughts.

As per Norman Reedus AKA Daryl Dixon tweets a video where it seems that the group escaped the graveyard and they are one bridge. They are now testing some REAL dead. Seems their experiments worked and they captured a lady Whisperers.

On another clip, we saw that newcomer Luke and ex-saviors Alden are looking for the trails to find out the Whisperers. Aftermath, they encountered with very disturbing looking  Whispereres. A lady with double barrel shot gun aimed at them and says “Trails end here”.  Seems to me that group new leader is an woman! Hope we will be seeing woman power after seaside group and Jadis. Let’s see.

Spoiler Alert: The Walking Dead new villain is a woman. Seems she’s mother of the captured whisperers member. 

In episode 8 we saw that Negan was escaping. It seems to me that he will pay a visit to his den to see what happened lately. As we know his entire gang was in flame by badass Carol. I guess he won’t be able to rebuild his group.

Looks like it’s gonna be a great season before starting last season. Let’s go preparing ourselves for the upcoming episodes!

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